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 blue ray technology........a new storage disc...

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PostSubject: blue ray technology........a new storage disc...   Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:15 pm

The new era of DVD technology is called the blue ray technology. This technology has taken the DVD market by storm. Many of us are not aware of the blue ray technology yet as it is introduced very recently.

What is blue ray technology?

The blue ray technology is considered as the boon top the future data storage device. The researches have been conducted on the blue ray technology since many years. Do you know the reason behind the name of this technology? The laser that is used to read and store data onto this blue ray disc is in blue color instead of the traditional red laser used in the standard DVDs. The blue ray disc is commonly known for its high definition video and audio storage. It has a capacity of very high data storage. The blue ray technology is treated as a blessing among the reputed companies like Sony, Apple, Panasonic, HP etc.

The benefits of blue ray technology:

The discs that undergo blue ray technology produce high definition video and audio. The blue ray technology provides the buyers a novel experience while watching a video or listening to their favorite music. The blue ray technology may become a great threat to the traditional cinema theatres as people may opt for the blue ray discs for their home theater and enjoy the movies at home instead of going to the theatres.

The single layer blue ray disc can store about 25GB of data while a double layered blue ray disc can store up to 50GB of data. In the future the storage capacity of blue ray discs can reach unbelievable peaks. The blue ray disc will be very beneficial to lots of professionals and also common men for storing their day to day data. A single blue ray disc can store innumerable movies and audio tracks. This facility cuts down the number of DVDs to be bought. People will definitely opt for these discs as they compress the data very conveniently. There will not be any need for them to keep various DVDs containing different movies and audio tracks. Now the manufacturers show an inclination towards the distribution of the blue ray technology to their customers. You are sure to enjoy a blue ray disc player very soon and don’t miss the precious chance of grabbing it. The blue ray technology is going to rule the future world of DVDs.
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blue ray technology........a new storage disc...
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