friend in need is a friend indeed
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Elora Prasnajeeta


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PostSubject: HI EVERYBODY...aLOHA!!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:19 am

Hellloozzz!!! flower
Hmm..NoW iTs TiMe 2 SaY sUmThInG aB8 mE Cool ..mYsElF ELORA/WISHY 4m HyDeRaBaD bUt BaSiCaLlY 4m OrIsSa santa ..M fRiEnDlY,fUnNy geek & a BiT aGrEsSiVe Evil or Very Mad SuMtImEs...LiKe LeG pUlLiNg VeRy MuCh(BuT iT dOeSn'T hArM oThErS) lol! ...I lIkE sLeEpInG vErY mUcH.. Sleep .. My iNteReStS r In PaInTiNg, SiNgInG, lIsTeNiNg 2 MuSiC, wAtChInG cArToOnS & mAkInG fRIeNdS.. Smile

BaDi Hi ShArArTi HoOn bom ..So BaCh Ke ReHnA..dIs Is WaT i Am.. cheers
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