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 miracle................interesting story(read it once)

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PostSubject: miracle................interesting story(read it once)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:45 pm

Dis is a miracle happened recently at pune. A boy named vishal n girl named janavi luved sincerely. Dey used 2 chat in mobile 4 hrs. In order 2 reduce d expenses, both got same network sim. D guy went abroad 4 a month due to his work. D girl died in accident. D girls last wish was 2 burry her along wid her mobile in it n left.
After a month d guy calld d girlz mom n said 'Aunty i'll b comin 2mrow. I want dis 2 b a surprise, so dont tel jaanu' D lady din want 2 say. D next day d guy came & askd abt jaanu.When the mother told obout her the guy said 'dnt joke I spoke wid her sterday'. Nobody believed. suddenlythe guy's mobile rang n displayed " jaanu calling". HE puts d speaker. It was cleary found jannu's voice. Den dey realised that girl was using vodafone sim. "wherever u go d network follows". ThanX 4 wasting 2 min 4 reading dis msg as i did... Now ur job is to forward it 2 ur frnds n waste deir time ` ..........................
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miracle................interesting story(read it once)
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