friend in need is a friend indeed
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 life goes on......

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PostSubject: life goes on......   Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:17 am

[b]it's funny how hello is always
accompanied with gudbye.
its funny how gud memries
cn strt make u cry.
its funny how forever
never really semms to really last.
its funny how much u'd lose
if u forgot abt ur past.
its funny how"freinds"can just
leave u wen u r down.
its funny how wen u need some1
dey r never around.
its funnyhow ppl change
and dey think dey r so much better.
its funny how many lies
can be packed in 1 "luv lettr".
its funny how ppl forgive
even thgh dey cnt forgive
even thgh dey cnt forget.
its funny how one night
can contain so much regret.
its funny how ironic life turns out to be.
but d funniest part of all ,
is dat none of thts funny to me pale Crying or Very sad Sad Neutral Arrow clown clown clown
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life goes on......
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